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If your doctor does not recommend medical marijuana for your condition, you will not be charged for your visit.

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Medical Marijuana Cards

Email and text are the preferred communication method, however, we would also love to hear from you personally, so feel free to give us a call!

All calls are returned in a timely fashion, eliminating the need to leave a voicemail.

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Customer service is our #1 priority at Intessa. Please come see us for your medical marijuana card.

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Schedule your appointment by using our online form below or you can call/text us at 517- 881 - 6905 to set up your appointment. We look forward to seeing you!

Meet with Your Doctor

She/he will be happy to meet you and determine whether you qualify for a medical marijuana card after an assessment that may be approximately 10 - 15 minutes.

Receive Your Card

Your card will be issued by the State of Michigan. We will assist you with any other necessary steps for you to be officially certified to receive your Medical Marijuana Card.

Remember: You have options for your pain

Our Medical Marijuana Doctors all have the same philosophy regarding medical marijuana:

It can be the best natural pain-relieving medication on earth for many people. They want you to use it, if it makes you healthier and happier.

Schedule Your Appointment Today!

Intessa makes getting your Medical Marijuana Card quick and easy!

Shortly after you schedule your appointment, you will be evaluated by a compassionate and well-qualified doctor that understands the benefits of recommending medical marijuana for many health-related conditions.

At Intessa, our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the enrollment process from start to finish.

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We offer: In Person and Tele-health visits and Caregiver services.

Intessa has been serving patients in Mid-Michigan for more than 15 years. We care about your health and wellness! Contact us today to schedule your appointment. We look forward to meeting with you soon!

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New Medical Marijuana Card

You will receive friendly, personal, and professional service to help you complete your application for a new medical marijuana card.

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Renew Your Card

Do you need to renew your card? We will be happy to assist you complete your application so you are able to keep your current status active.

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Follow up/Check In

You are always welcome back at Intessa. If you would like to schedule a follow up visit for any reason, we are always happy to see our patients again.

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