Our staff and Medical Marijuana Doctors are very knowledgeable about the entire registry process. We provide office and administrative support for select physicians. It allows the Doctors to concentrate on patients while we facilitate and manage all aspects of the evaluation center.

Our Doctors are licensed and board certified and have full-time medical positions in emergency rooms, oncology centers, Hospice, and Palliative Care. All are committed to the tenet that cannabis is an acceptable best practice for Qualifying Conditions. They donate their services in the interest of promoting the legal use of cannabis.

Intessa Medical Marijuana Doctors are charged with balancing the benefits and risks of various treatments for their patients in a compassionate and professional manner. They believe that conditions interfering with daily activities like work, mobility, recreation, sleep, and relationships can be minimized with ingestion of the natural herb, Cannabis. And that its use is a Best Practice.

Dr. Visits online or in person or via phone

Many times, prescription drugs for narcotics will alleviate your suffering but at a steep price: They are addictive with severe withdrawal symptoms. They can have extremely uncomfortable side effects such as constipation. If you are without insurance, they are very expensive. And they almost always make you groggy all day. Our Medical Marijuana Doctors advocate for the use of Cannabis which can have none of these characteristics.

Our Medical Marijuana Doctors all have the same philosophy regarding medical marijuana:

It is by far the best natural pain-relieving medication on earth. They want you to use it, if it is right for you.

Remember Pain is a Choice.

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